​अच्छा हुआ ऐ बिस्मिल,

तुम हो नहीं जहाँ में,

होते अगर तो कहते,

“क्यों ख़ाक हो गए हम?”

जिस ख्वाब से मुतासिर,

राह-ए-फ़ना चुनी थी,

वो   मुन्क़लिब हुआ और

अख़लाक़ खो गए हम।

हम मुतमइन इसी से

की सांस ले रहे हैं,

खेतों में अपने देखो ,

यूँ राख बो गए हम।

जंग-ओ-जदल की हसरत,

फिर इब्तिदा हुई है,

मज़हब में डूबते ही

नापाक हो गए हम।

Image sourcehttp://www.columbiavisuals.com


Published by

Ashutosh Srivastava

Our lives are full of unexplained phenomenon and I love to find an explanation to them. Everything that happens in and arround me is important to me and I am keen to join the dots and bring out the bigger picture. All of my work is based upon my interpretation of these events. I don't write about things that I haven't felt . This blog is based on pure selfish motives. I am not an educator and therefore don't desire to influnce some one else's thought process. Every one has a gifted brain and the way everybody thinks makes them special. I love this speciality and therefore crave for Knowing different perspectives. I f you like my work I might also like yours. What I want is human interaction that educates me. Everything that I study adds an element of it into me which is either exprssed or is dormant. I am here to enhance my human interactions and cross cultural interpratations. P.S - images linked with my posts have been downloaded from www.google.com

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