An apology to Syria 

Syria you’re getting killed by pelters and by stones.

Syria you’re getting killed by air crafts and by drones.

Never in history, was war a mistry ,to vicious humankind.

And nothing can ,prove this to us, that man was never blind.

So on the eve ,of your final breath, we’ve gathered here to moan.

Syria you’re getting killed, by aircrafts and by drones.

Long promises, which we have made, are there to fool us all.

We have begun ,the race again for ,our precarious fall.

And our graves would find a place amongst your scathed bones.

Syria you’re getting killed by air crafts and by drones.

Man has survived the wave of time ,he has conquered all the odds.

But he has never won it ,when he fights for man made gods.

We’ve made these wires, these patches and these human killing zones.

Syria you are getting killed by air crafts and by drones.

When you are gone, it would be tough ,but we would still remember .

That every life, that ended there ,was of a planet member.

We shall tell it ,as a story to our children when the’re grown .

That we killed a place called Syria with aircrafts and with drones.

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Published by

Ashutosh Srivastava

Our lives are full of unexplained phenomenon and I love to find an explanation to them. Everything that happens in and arround me is important to me and I am keen to join the dots and bring out the bigger picture. All of my work is based upon my interpretation of these events. I don't write about things that I haven't felt . This blog is based on pure selfish motives. I am not an educator and therefore don't desire to influnce some one else's thought process. Every one has a gifted brain and the way everybody thinks makes them special. I love this speciality and therefore crave for Knowing different perspectives. I f you like my work I might also like yours. What I want is human interaction that educates me. Everything that I study adds an element of it into me which is either exprssed or is dormant. I am here to enhance my human interactions and cross cultural interpratations. P.S - images linked with my posts have been downloaded from

2 thoughts on “An apology to Syria ”

  1. Este traverso es un caradura total!!!!. El que va adelante manda y no hay que chocarlo???? Y cuando el lo choco al pato Silva desde atras y lo tiro a la merda??? y despues le quiso arreglar con una campera!!! vivo y chistoso, si le hubiera pedido discilpas y hubiera aceptado su error hubiera sido mas respetable pero es un forro hdp.

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