A modern day enigma.

“If at all we have a lesson to the world,  It’s not about domination, it’s about coexistence.” – Ramchandra Guha

Off late there has been a lot of chatter about India being a leading developing nation and her chances to be a global superpower very soon. These presumptions are avidly declared by our far less competent media while the far more evolved media of the west has a fair share in inciting such remarks. It’s all there on the large forum of journalism. From B.B.C to Zee News everyone is talking about the unprecedented growth rates India has achieved and the unimaginable case of democracy it has presented to the world.   Well I think we have just missed the covert characters. Indeed the facts are true. We have had great economic growth post LPG reforms and indeed we have remained a democracy for a very long period now. We have defeated the thoughts of Balkanization and we have progressed way better than our neighbor in the west. But is it correct to justify the economic prosperity of a nation on the basis of Its GDP, its forex reserve and other statistical data? Well it is a debatable topic and we as the followers of the western outlook prefer it this way. But are we hiding the actual truth deep inside us? There has been a sharp augmentation in the gap between the rich and the poor. There can never be equal growth for all but there can be fore sure equal opportunity for all. While the beefed up Middle class is complacent in the mediocre facilities it avails, those sleeping in gold have the best of this planet under their feet. And the section rarely talked about, the underprivileged one, well it is still underprivileged and is growing exponentially. It’s  an Irony that a country whose  Millions of citizens are starving and failing due to penury is also the country with the fourth largest population of Billionaires on the globe. It’s not bad to earn money, well ones talent must pay but if we look at the bigger picture , a picture that encompasses almost 1.5 Billion individuals, Its bad that only a few can earn. On the political arena there has been a shift from active politics to active worshipping. There are few individuals who have a political agenda while the rest of the crowd is busy in agenda less love affairs. The ideological breakdown of such a large mass is very throbbing because with it you actually smell an ailing republic and a troubled democracy. There have been questions over intolerance which have been dealt with the most intolerant ways to justify Tolerance. We face very prominent challenges from the two most feared enemies of modern day democracy- the left and the growing right wing fundamentalism. These challenges have been there since the inception of Free India but they were dealt with prominence and accuracy by the band of nationalist leaders of the generation of that time. A resolute Centre had been the key in that process. Off late either the Centre fails to be resolute or its agendas are not very promising. This makes me rethink of the promise my generation made to our late President Dr. Kalam. A vision he termed as 2020 India. I am sorry Mr. President but we have failed in our efforts. We have failed the pioneers of Modern India. We have failed Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Pt. Nehru, Maulana Azaad and many more. We have failed to capitalize the fact that we have the largest workforce in the globe. We have become mere record-keepers for the west due to the Time zone we fall in and the cheap labor we provide. We have a long way to go. The only good side which strikes my mind is that we are still united. We have faced inhuman situations in Godhra, Bombay, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab but we have overcome it. A country with no literacy has grown to a country with low literacy.  A country with only poverty has risen to a country with substantial poverty. A country which was thought by many to die in infancy has thrived and is young and bubbling at an age of 78. So it’s in the interest of this nation that we remain focused on realistic goals and excrete out the figment of false glory that is dancing on our minds. We on the 26th day of the November of 1949 resolved to secure the dignity of each citizen of India , let’s keep our promise alive.


…….मुलाकात हुई थी

ज़्यादा वक़्त नहीं बीता है,
उस शाम को जब तुमसे मुलाकात हुई थी ।

तुम्हारे आने से पहले ,
सब वैसा ही था जैसा हुआ करता है,
पुराना मटमैला बेरंग बेस्वाद।
न कुछ ख़ास था न होने की आस थी ,
ज़िन्दगी की कश्ती मंज़िल से दूर मनहूसियत के पास थी।
अचानक कुछ बदला,
डूबता सूरज आफताब हो गया।
अमावस की स्याह रात आनी थी,
हर तरफ महताब हो गया ।
आब-ए-हयात से जो था महरूम,
उस बाग़ में बरसात हुई थी।
नूर ही नूर था,
उस शाम को जब तुमसे मुलाकात हुई थी।

वो शाम मेरे ख़्वाबों में अक्सर आ ही जाती है,
तकिये के नीचे बुदबुदाकर वही किस्सा सुनाती है।
की कैसे तुम बातों में अपनी उलझी हुई थी ,
मेरे दिल में पहेलियाँ बनाकर खुद सुलझी हुई थी।
कि कैसे संदल सी खुशबू लिए तुम भाग रही थी,
पिघले नीलम सा आस्मां था शाम जाग रही थी।
कि अपनी आँखों में तुमने वही काजल लगाया था ,
जिसे तुम आज कल अक्सर लगाना भूल जाती हो।
और हंसी थी तुम खुल कर कई बार उस दिन,
पर अब हंसने में भी तुम तो कई सदियाँ लगाती हो।
ना कुछ सुना ना सोचा ना कोई बात हुई थी ,
बस तुम ही तुम थी
उस शाम को जब तुमसे मुलाकात हुई थी।

मैं चिराग रहूँगा

ये जो धीरे से छा गयी है ,

बिन बुलाये आ गयी है ।

सारे बदन को कस लिया है जिसने ,

अरमानों को मेरे डंस लिया है जिसने ।

सोचा था बस दिन भर की बात है,

ये भी नसीब में है ,इस से पल भर का साथ है ।

पर कहाँ .. ये तो थम सी गयी है,

रूह की उदासी में रम सी गयी है ।

न जाने कौन बताएगा इसे,

की मेरी सरहद इसका घर नहीं।

जो बे वजह रहबर बन बैठी है ,

इसे बताओ मैं इसका हमसफ़र नहीं।

अब तो लगता है ज़िन्दगी इसके साथ कटेगी, 

न जाने कब ये ज़ालिम रात मेरे काँधे से हटेगी?

सहर की आस है और मैं जाग रहा हूँ,

ये रात पीछे है मैं इस से भाग रहा हूँ।

ये आरज़ू है, तमन्ना है मेरी,

की आफताब का कोई मुझको दीदार करा दे।

ज़िन्दगी भर का नज़ारा नहीं मुमकिन मुझे मालूम,

गर हो सके तो मेरे मुर्शिद बस एक बार करा दे।

सुना है मखमली सा उसका नज़ारा होता है,

कई सदियों का इक पल में गुज़ारा होता है।

इतनी कोशिश मैं करूंगा की रौशन हो लूँ,

खिज़ा की आँधियों में भी गुलशन हो लूँ।

फिर काजल की कोठरी में भी बेदाग़ रहूँगा,

अँधेरे का नहीं डर, मैं चिराग रहूँगा ।।।